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South Jersey Softball:
Pennsauken Girls Tournament Team Finishes in Second Place

Monday, June 28, 2004

By Patricia Snyder
Pennsauken Reds Softball Correspondent

Due to the gallant efforts of both Pennsauken girls softball teams, the seniors and U12 teams placed second in the Cinnaminson girl's softball tournament at Wood Park on Saturday, June 12, 2004. The senior tournament is directed by head coach Norm Waters and first base coach Mike Martino. The senior tournament teams range in age from 14 and under. With a brilliant display of talent and excellent showmanship, the girls showed themselves as true ball players.

The U12 team is directed by head coach Bryan Robey and first base coach Alex Krul. Bryan's girls range in age from 10 to 12. With smart moves and gutsy plays, the girls know how to set themselves up for a wining game.

These girls show awesome talent and remarkable sportsmanship. To all parents and coaches, scorekeepers, and the administrative assistant, thanks for another good season.

The Team
S Snyder (pitcher)
S Robey (pitcher)
K Scheffler (catcher)
T Johnson (1st base)
S Eckles (1st base)
K Silver (2nd base)
B Taylor (shortstop)
-- R Reustle (3rd base)
H Snyder (right fielder)
S Williams (right fielder)
C Johnson (left fielder)
L Smith (left fielder)
J Robinson (center fielder)
J Hayes (center fielder)

Photos by Todd Johnson

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