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Twin Rivalry at the Moorestown Junior Open

Friday, June 28, 2002

By Sanipa Koetsawasdi
SJSports Staff Writer

This Junior Open has seen several competitive matches were each player knew their opponent very well. Some have been friends for quite some time. Coincidentally, Zoey and Winfield "Winnie" Call, both lost in the girls' 12-year-old players semifinals and ended up having to play against each other today for third and fourth place. Not only are they sisters, but they're twins! Rarely do you have sisters or brothers competing against each other unless they have similar rankings such as the Williams" sisters, but on top of that, to be twins is really something else!

According to Mrs. Call, the Call sisters get along very well, but interestingly enough as twins, they have such different personalities. One is very easy going while the other one is always trying to be the overachiever. After the game, I got to speak with both of them on how they felt about playing against each other. Zoey, by the way, was able to defeat her sister by 6-1,6-3.

Zoey told me that this was their first time playing against each other at a tournament. She also stated that it, "was fun playing against my was [also] hard playing against her." Zoey said she expected to play against her sister and that the advantage of being sisters was, "knowing what I had to work at when playing against her." Winnie had told me, "we've always been like rivals, but it was fun." Winnie, on the other hand, told me she had not expected to play against Zoey. "I was definitely ready to play against her. I thought she was going to win," said Winnie. Winnie thinks that next time during a tournament, she needs to "get to the net more, so that I can get pass her."

Photo by Joel Peterson

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