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Event Spotlight:
Final Day at the Riverside Winter Open '03

Sunday, March 2, 2003

By Sanipa Koetsawasdi
SJSports Staff Writer

The 3rd and final day has arrived for the Riverside Winter Open as the semifinalists play today to see if they can make it as finalists. Miller was able to take both of his doubles to the finals while, coincidentally, the first match of the day as well as the last match of the day had retirees.

The first match of the day playing in the semifinal round started sharply at around 8am with the Men’s Singles. It was Boris Fetbroyt of Cherry Hill, NJ vs. Sean James of Towanda, PA. With only approximately 40 minutes into the set, James decided to retire, with a score of only 4-1 in the first set. Playing 4 matches yesterday, his shoulder felt tight today, and he knew he didn’t have the will to play anymore against Fetbroyt. "If I was healthy, I would have given him a hell of a match … it was a great tournament, and I was just happy to come back and I’m happy to be here”, James stated. Fetbroyt just smiled and said, “I just got lucky… sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you don’t.” As Fetbroyt had won this semifinal match by default of James retiring, in a later match, Fetbroyt’s “luck” had run out himself, as he had to retire in the final match of the 3rd set against Ben Zink (2-6, 6-4, 2-1). Zink had defeated Kavi Sud in the other semifinal match winning 6-2, 6-4. Sud said he needed to put more balls in the court and hold his serves. When asked how he held through it all, Zink had said, “sleep, resting, fitness…seems to be helping me in all my matches.”

As the morning progressed, Seth Miller of Palmyra, NJ was able to win both the Men’s and Mixed Doubles. With Bill Birnie, Miller defeated Carosella/Stan 6-2,6-4, in the Men’s doubles, and Miller/Mintz defeated Ruest/Young 6-2,6-1. Miller and his partners were strong players, all playing with Miller for some time and getting to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Miller had said about both partners saying, “I thought Bill played ok. When I played, I tried to pick him up when he was down [and vice versa]…when I’m playing bad, she picks me up. When she starts off slow, I pick her up.” It was off to a great year for the newly engaged Miller as he finishes the tournament with 2 trophies and ends it all by saying, “I don’t know how much tennis I can get in, so I might as well take advantage of it.”

Final Stats for the games are as follows:

Men’s Open Singles
Zink, Ben vs. Fetbroyt, Boris 2-6,6-4,2-1 (ret.)

Fetbroyt, Boris vs. James, Sean 4-1 (ret.)

Zink, Ben vs. Sud, Kavi 6-2, 6-4

--- Men’s Doubles
Miller/Birnie vs. Carosella/Stan 6-2,6-4

Miller/Birnie vs. James/Ruest 6-2,7-6(4)

Carosella/Stan vs. Lampros/Pivcevic 6-2,3-6,6-1

Women’s Singles
Rabenda vs. Dwyer 6-1,7-5

Rabenda vs. Young 6-3,6-3

Dwyer vs. Brown 6-0,6-3

Mixed Doubles
Miller/Mintz vs. Young/Ruest 6-2,6-1

Miller/Mintz vs. Figures/Goldman 6-0,6-0

Young/Ruest vs. Perch/Rogan 6-0,6-0

Photos by Art Redd

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