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Middle School Track:
Relay Championship Won By Pennsauken

Thursday, May 21, 1998

By Forrest Robleto
SJSports Middle School Correspondent & Photographer

Ten middle schools that met in the Camden County Championship Track Meet on Tuesday at Cherry Hill High School saw action again today in the Camden County Relay Championship at Moorestown High School. In this meet, most schools entered two athletes to compete together in a combined score competion. For example, in the boy's over 120 lb high jump were Voorhees Middle School's Murphy and Shaffer who set a meet record with a 10'5" jump. Murphy recorded a 5'4" high jump while Shaffer's jump was 5'1".


This meet also featured two unusual medleys. This medley starts with a girl running the first 800 meters then a boy runs the next 800 meters. Next another girl runs another 1200 meters and a boy completes the medley with the final 1600 meter leg. The sprint medley also uses the alternating of a girl and a boy where the girl starts off with 200 meters then the next legs are 400, 400, and 200 meters.

Pennsauken Middle School won both medleys and took first place in the meet with 125 points. Voorhees placed second with 118 points and Mullen took third with 84 points. The rest of the field finished with Glenn Landing, Carusi, Medford, Moorestown, Beck, C.W. Lewis and Cinnaminson.

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