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South Jersey Event Special:
Ultimate Frisbee is Back Again at the Start of Summer

Thursday, July 1, 2004

By Doug Wasko
SJSports Special Ultimate Correspondent

Okay, for those of you reading the title of this article wondering what the heck is Ultimate Frisbee, it's a sport that we have had a lot of success this summer in getting people to participate in at least 6 on 6 game. You are welcome to join us and information on how to get involve will be provide at the end of this article. Ultimate is an exciting team non-contact sport that combines well known sports such as football, soccer, basketball and the game of netball into a graceful yet demanding game. Now, for those of you who were apart of the action on the first day of July check out the highlights of team Dark winning a two goal overtime victory against team White.

The first half started out very streaky and sloppy as White jumped to a 4-0 lead out of the gate. As soon as the grumblings of "blowout" began, no sooner did Dark rebound with 4 straight of there own to tie the game. The teams fought traded a few goals until White took the final 3 of the first half to move to an 8-6 lead. No goals were scored in the half without a turnover first occurring. It seemed we either had 10+ turnover points, or quick turnovers off the pull that resulted in an easy score going the other way.

As the second half began, the wind noticeably picked up heading towards the poolside (left). Dark managed an early upwind goal that helped them to take the lead on the first 3 points of the half. That lead continued to hold up as neither team could manage a goal against the wind. Both teams played a better game in the 2nd half, cutting down largely on easy drops and bad throws. White continually reminded each other of the need to score against the wind in order to take the lead. They came close on several plays, pushing within yards of the goal, but Dark always managed to get the turnover and usually struck quickly soon after the threat. With the score knotted at 10, both sides fought valiantly to take the lead, White against the wind and Dark with it. Thanks to Gary's scorekeeping, I can attest that the teams combined for 17 turnovers (a game high) on that single point, eventually won by Dark.

The teams decided shortly thereafter to play by the standard rules and agreed to have to win by 2, not a custom we always adhere to. Tied at 13, White finally managed to break the upwind drought and took the lead with game point no less. Undaunted, Dark struck quickly, scoring upwind also without ever turning the disc over, never giving White a shot at the win. Back "on serve" (to steal a tennis phrase), Dark took the next wind-aided point to regain the lead. The teams traded downwind goals to move to a 16-15 lead for Dark. That's as far as White would go however, as Dark forced the turnover and MarkG found Bob for the game winning goal against the wind.

This was a classic struggle with both teams fighting hard the whole way. The score never differed by more than a point in the 2nd half until the final blow.

Thanks to Gary (injured) for coming out and keeping score and kudos to Bret for bringing out yet another new guy (DaveB) (and don't forget Bret is responsible for Eric, and indirectly Travis and Marci). And in addition to getting guys out, Bret also had a great game, scoring 7 points and blocking at least (I'd say) 4 passes in the goal. There were great efforts also by MarkG (8 points) and EricH who had a number of key upwind passes in that 2nd half. Travis led White with 8 points behind more seemingly tireless running on his part.

Let's not forget a big welcome to Dave and Marci, a welcome back to FrankV and Art and congratulations to Kayla for scoring her first Ultimate point.

If you would like to get more information and/or directions for the Ultimate game, please feel free to email the The information will be passed on to the appropriate individuals. You will not regret sending the email and take part in this sport that has grown into the depths of Southern New Jersey.

Photos by Art Redd

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