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Community Volleyball Association Opens New Season

Thursday, September 7, 2000

By Vincent Lewis
SJSports Staff Writer

There's a new volleyball facility in South Jersey and it's called Community Volleyball Association Inc. With its location at Five Points in Deptford Township New Jersey, this facility will be the place for volleyball all season long with five indoor courts and eight outdoor sand courts. The CVBA is now open to outdoor volleyball with tournaments now being held on the sand courts. The building for the indoor courts will be completed in October.

Tom Diemer, general manager of Community Volleyball Association Inc., has been involved with volleyball for a very long time. His goal of building a place where people would enjoy not only for the sport, but also for the environment. "Right now we have open court play on Monday and Thursday nights. Monday night is our busiest, but Thursday night play is picking up", mentioned Diemer. The outdoor courts are equipped with lights. With the construction of the indoor facility in the background, Diemer was able to visualize all that's planned. "Our indoor courts, five in all, are twelve feet apart, high ceilings and have enough room for players to jump serve."

As for the environment, plans to have an indoor and outdoor food facilities would allow players to replenish themselves after any volleyball match. The two floor building will have bathrooms with showers and a second floor viewing area to watch the indoor and outdoor play. When the building is finally completed, the next plan is to add on a happy hour atmosphere for the indoor and outdoor food courts. For more information about the sports complex, visit their website at

Photos by Art Redd

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