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Y2KPA Is Coming, Y2KPA Is Coming!

Thursday, December 2, 1999

By Gregg Williams
SJSports Staff Writer

You might be asking, "What is Y2KPA?" You know that Y2K stands for the year 2000, but what is the "PA" about? The "P" stands for Physician and the "A" stands for Assistant. Yes, you will be able to ask question to Dr. Robert Young, a Physician Assistant in the year 2000 on the Ask the Experts page.

We tried to have the Y2KPA stand for:

to be

Which of these words do you like to represent the K? Send us your "Y2KPA" answer.

The Ask the Experts page is a place where you can ask questions about sports and medical help. The page lets you ask a Soccer Ref, a Strength and Conditioning Coach, an Athletic Trainer, both Baseball and Softball umpires, a Basketball Official, and now a Physician Assistant.

You still might be asking, "What is a Physician Assistant?" PAs are licensed health professionals who practice medicine with physician supervision. As part of the physician/PA team, PAs exercise autonomy in diagnosing and treating illnesses. PAs deliver a broad range of medical and surgical services to diverse populations in both rural and urban settings throughout the United States. Their focus is patient care, and their practice may include education, research, and administrative activities. In most states, PAs can treat patients when the physician is away from the practice and can write prescriptions. For more information, see

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