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The Panther Nation Welcomes One of it's Own Back

Sunday, June 6, 2004

By Vincent Lewis
SJSports Staff Writer

Finally! Graig White has come back to Camden High School! With apologies to a certain WWE superstar, Graig White has been picked to handle the off-season preparations for the Camden High School Football team.

“The feeling I get from walking through the halls and being around the guys is one that I can’t describe. This may sound corny, but this is actually one of my dream jobs. Working with Coach Luther Howard and his staff will prove to be exciting, this is the fourth school we have worked with together and to be honest, I would follow this guy into battle anytime.”

The Panther football team is always in the hunt, but sometimes has trouble getting over the hump. “It is my objective to bring the techniques that I have learned from programs such as the University of Nebraska, the Atlanta Falcons, The University of Southern California just to name a few, to athletes who when given the proper motivation will thrive in our system. With the help of companies such as Met-Rx, EAS, and Reebok there is no telling how far we can go.”

Graig is a graduate of “The High” and played baseball while preparing for college there, “my experiences at Camden High were positive, I’ve stayed in contact with a few of my teachers from back in the day, teachers who had a big role in my development into the man I am today. Graig’s interests are varied, his duties as Director of Performance Enhancement at Rutgers University at Camden keep him quite busy as well being an adjunct instructor at Camden County College and he also finds time to write for several different publications.

“It is the intent of the strength staff to create a winning program by using a precise application of anarchic forces, a snorting rampaging gobbling program bent on pillage. Simply put the most physically dominate high school yet inflicted on the planet.” And with Graig’s desire and ability few people get rich betting against him.

Photos by Nancy L. Pope

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