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Eating on the Run

Thursday, March 25, 2004

By Gregory "Graig" White
SJSports Physical Fitness Advisor

My hat is off to Evelyn Tribole, she has written a book on food choices and how to make better ones that is easy and fun to read. When I say fun, I mean that this is a book that a lot of high school athletes can read and be able to comprehend. Evelyn is a registered dietician who also practices privately. She has appeared on "Good Morning America" and is currently the nutritionist for And has even qualified for the Olympic marathon trials in 1984. It is her premise that America's obesity epidemic is caused mainly by poor food choices and portions that are too large. With the hectic schedules most people are faced with healthy eating is often sacrificed for the sake of convenience. Which is certainly not new but I think her approach is a sound one and can lead to positive changes in the diets of people who read her book and trust her information.

"Eating on the Run" deals specifically with the choices busy people have to make on the go-at a grocery store, on the road, at restaurants, and even at work. It gives readers tried and true strategies to make smart food choices. The book contains 14 chapters that are well thought out and will assist the reader in reaching almost any diet related goal they may have.

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