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Dynamic Tennis Warm-Ups

Thursday, March 24, 2005

By Gregory "Graig" White
SJSports Physical Fitness Advisor

I would love to take this time to thank The United States Tennis Association for taking this publication to a DVD format. This format is athlete and coach friendly and it just makes life so much easier.

Now for the content, this DVD should become a major part of everyone involved with tennis athletes and player development. Mark has done a great job in streamlining the information so that there are no loose ends. By that I mean, sometimes coaches fall in love with the sound of their own voices and create programs that are long and drawn out, to the point where sometimes it's easy to lose interest. There are three 10-minute protocols designed to assist the athlete in a pre-match warm-up. It covers the types of movements that players will most like have to execute on the court during a match. Each protocol may be used in its entirety, or movements from the different segments can be combined to target an athlete's individual needs.

The road to tennis excellence should start even before the racquet is picked up. This DVD is a great springboard for improving an athlete's explosiveness, balance, footwork and conditioning, all of the elements needed to make a player great.

Mark Verstegen is the man! This guy is founder and president of Athlete's Performance, a company that trains elite athletes from all over the world. He directs a staff of 25 at his two locations, the original site was in Tempe Arizona, and it opened in 1999 his newest facility is in the Home Depot Center in L.A. I have the opportunity to talk with Mark and I know that he needs no endorsement from me, any time you get the opportunity to work with a guy like him do it, believe me it will be in your best interest.

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