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Thursday, May 5, 2005

By Gregory "Graig" White
SJSports Physical Fitness Advisor

This publication, written with the beginner weight trainer in mind, is simplistic and easy to follow. As books of this type go it's fairly informative without being overly redundant, the writers are two of the industries more knowledgeable guys and they get the more pertinent information in 13 chapters that are easy to read and understand.

The beautiful thing about this book is that these guys aren't looking to reinvent the wheel, the deal with information that is available and put it into a format that will make the first time you walk into the weight room a lot less scary.

The one draw back is chapter 13, the phrase "Sport Specific weight training exercise" is one that drives me crazy. If you read the chapter they have exercises listed by the different sports that are assisted by performing certain lifts, well if the lifts where specific to a sport then what would make it so good for another sport? What I am saying is that the guys who taught me state that there really are no "sport specific" lifts. Skills performed in one sport more often than not transfer to another sport, when you run in baseball do you run differently for soccer? Granted the skills maybe different but your sprint technique doesn't change that greatly.

Overall, the book is a decent introduction to the world of weight training and will help people who are just getting started.

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