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Full-Body Flexibility

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

By Gregory "Graig" White
SJSports Physical Fitness Advisor

Just when you thought you had read it all, along comes a book that talks about a subject from another angle. Full-Body Flexibility is a great book, it is a book that is thorough and I can't put my finger on it but it may be the best flexibility published bb Human Kinetics.

The book and is very well written and the pictures go along way in helping the reader better understand the body's relationship to space, it is written by a guy who has over 20 years in the business and I think that this is probably his best work to date. This book is written for the person who cares about how their body will function later in life, but it also pertains to people who use their bodies to make their living.

There are 12 chapters in this publication, it is a real easy read and it makes a great reference source. If you are person for whom flexibility or the lack thereof is an issue, please make it a point to read this and it should go along way in helping you get over any obstacles you may have.

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