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Team Conditioning Systems:
TCS Sixth Annual All-Strength Team

Wednesday, August 1, 2001

By Gregory "Graig" White
SJSports Physical Fitness Advisor

The Team Conditioning Systems All-Strength Team is our way of recognizing athletes that know that the way to win championships is to be fully prepared. They do what they know they need to do to take their games to the next level. Our All-Strength Team is not all about physical strength, strength of character plays a big part in who will make it and who doesn't.

All of the athletes named have put their time in and I am honored to have worked with athletes of this caliber. To all the athletes that have been named, congratulations on your effort and best wishes for all you do in the future.

Movie * * * All-Strength Introduction * * *

Wesley Robertson Football Rutgers University
Tammy Sutton-Brown Basketball Rutgers University
Ryan Johnston Basketball Rutgers University at Camden
Teah Taylor Track & Field Rutgers University at Camden
Homer Hemmings Basketball Rutgers University at Camden
Jen Childs Basketball Rutgers University at Camden
Marvin Wagner Football Deptford High School
Kevin Blackshear Football Deptford High School
Sarah Goldberg Volleyball Cherry Hill East High School
Eric Fizur Football Salem High School
Josh Minkins Football Louisville University
Shawn Phillips Football Purdue University
Jerry Stackhouse Basketball Detroit Pistons
Scott Williams Basketball Milwaukee Bucks
Kristen Stewart Multi-Sport Rutgers University at Camden
Tina VanDerMeiran Crew Rutgers University
Lara Baron Basketball Hamilton College
Joy Pela Basketball Hofstra University
Molly Swartz Tennis Episcopal High School
Jeff Sexton Soccer Rutgers University at Camden
Sue Nevins Volleyball Rutgers University at Camden
Gene Knorr Soccer Rutgers University at Camden
Tim Davis Soccer Rutgers University at Camden
Nicole Henderson Tennis Eastern High School
Harry Swayne Football Baltimore Ravens

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