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Winning Ways:
Common Ways To Boost Energy

Wednesday, January 13, 1999

By Gregory "Graig" White
SJSports Physical Fitness Advisor

Have you every wondered why you are so tired? Are you trying to find ways to generate energy to make it through the day? If you are looking for ways to boost your energy so you can be more productive, check out the following eight steps that may help you find common ways to boost your energy.

  1. Sleep: Lack of sleep can affect your energy and concentration. Make sure you're getting enough.

  2. Eat Enough: Eating habits that are restrictive can lead to depression, fatigue, and just plain crankiness.

  3. Drink More Water: Being low on water can affect your mental ability. The rule of thumb is to drink a cup of water for every hour you are awake.

  4. Never Skip Breakfast: Breakfast helps shake off the rust of sleeping. It also helps regulate your blood sugar and level of energy.

  5. Eating Fat Ain't All Bad: Fat eating in moderation is needed in high energy diets. No fat, very low fat diets sometimes promote overeating.

  6. Watch Your Iron: Being iron poor is considered to be a leading cause of fatigue among women.

  7. Limit Sugar, Alcohol, and Caffeine: These things have been known to effect the body's ability to rest.

  8. Exercise: With all things being equal, there is no better energy booster than a good, sound exercise.

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