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Winning Ways:
Cheer To Success With Weight Training

Wednesday, April 14, 1999

By Amanda Holloway
SJSports Special Correspondent

Working out in the weight room with our strength coach has helped me a great deal with cheerleading in many ways. I have become a stronger person both mentally and physically. Weight training has helped me tremendously with stunting. As a base, it is important to use your legs as well as your arms. By training, my legs have become much stronger. This also helps with my jumps. Another by product of my strength program is that now my abs are stronger. It is important to have a strong middle section for jumps, as well as tumbling which is a very important part of cheerleading.

GWCheer6thumb.jpg GWCheer7thumb.jpg

Overall, weight training has made me a more confident person. I was always an insecure person until now, I can say that I like the way I look. I have learned that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. Also, in the weight room I have made a lot of new friends.

GWCheer1thumb.jpg GWCheer2thumb.jpg

About Our Strength Coach:   When I first came into the weight room, I had no idea as to where to start. Our strength coach Graig White took the time to work out with me on a regular basis. He has encouraged and supported me in every way. He had confidence in me to be the very best. Coach White is a great person to train with. He always makes me feel better and knows how to cheer me up. He also has become a great friend that I can talk to and go to with anything. I wouldn't be the person I am today without the love and support Graig has given me.

Amanda Holloway is a member of the Cheerleading Team at Rutgers University at Camden.

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Photos by Art Redd

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