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The Fantastic Four: The Bicep

Wednesday, April 5, 2000

By Gregory "Graig" White
SJSports Physical Fitness Advisor

As a public service to all my readers, I am introducing a new article series called "The Fantastic Four." These will be four key components to create muscle in each part of the body. Today's' body part is the Bicep.

When working to build a better Bicep, it's important to....

  1. Keep it Simple.

    It frightens me when I see people wasting time going through motions that would make a chiropractor cringe in the name of variation. I am a firm believer of staying with basic movements for maximum muscle. Moves like Standing Barbell Curls and Seated Dumbbell Curls are considered basic Bicep movements. For maximum development, your protocol should focus on form and intensity.

  2. When curling, always fully extend your arms.

    When starting a curl, never begin with your arms bent. Starting with your arms bent decreases the range of motion, and takes all the stress off the Bicep. Doing this may allow you to lift greater poundage but at the sacrifice of a tremendous amount of muscular development.

  3. Don't pause at the top of the move.

    The top of the curl lacks any resisting force, gravity ceases to exert any angular stress. The lack of force relaxes the contraction and in effect becomes a resting position. By having the bar move continuously through the range of motion will place continuous stress on the Bicep, flexion is maintained and the pump you get is not to be believed.

  4. Strengthen your forearms.

    The Forearms are a link to the Bicep. Without a strong grip, you can't expect to create a Bicep that gets notices. So when working you Bi's, it's always in the best interest to find time to work your forearms.

Photos by Art Redd


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