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Functional Training for Sports

Thursday, September 4, 2003

By Gregory "Graig" White
SJSports Physical Fitness Advisor

Mike Boyle could be called "the strength coach's strength coach", this book is amazing! The concepts are basic and easy to follow; you don't have to be a strength coach to understand. Coach Boyle has taken techniques that are proven to get the results. Any athlete who wants to get better should be doing and put them in one place. Coaches of high school athletes regardless of gender would want to read this, it will help athlete understand that there is more to conditioning than weight lifting.

"Functional Training for Sports" is the kind of book that could put some strength coaches out of work. Some coaches have a hard time putting the functional training component into practice, and this book will be a great help. If you are a high school coach and have yet to find someone in the strength business you can trust with your team then get this book and read it. It will make your job easier; it will help you identify a strength coach who knows what they are talking about and doing.

Coach Boyle takes the reader through a protocol designed for athletes from numerous sports and shows them the correct way to make things happen. The publication is divided in 12 chapters that are very well written and diagrammed and designed to get the most out of your athletes no matter what the sport of choice is. This book should be a part of every coach's arsenal.

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