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Winning Ways:
Nothing You Want Is Out Of Your Reach!

Wednesday, September 1, 1999

By Walesca Rivera
SJSports Special Correspondent

"Nothing You Want Is Out Of Your Reach!" Words to live by, don't you think? At last now, I'm starting to believe. You know how you get into a situation and not know the outcome? Here's exactly my success story. I'm fortunate to have a great best friend named Rosie Brown. It was through her that I met Graig White. He has made a huge difference in my life.

I am mentally and physically okay. My physical activities would consist of sit-ups, aerobics, roller blading and of course, walking the park. I enjoy walking with my CD player and tuning into latin music playing through the earphones, what an experience.


My job consists of dealing with the general public, welcoming jurors, presenting an orientation and assisting with any and all questions that they may have. I enjoy my job. There are different circumstances that I may not have any control of, so for the most part I feel I do make a difference in their lives. After work I need time to myself so I walk the park for about an hour. Then I'm home with my family.

Graig White was the tennis instructor for the summer program this year. I went with Rosie to register our daughters. He spoke to us about adult training exercise after work and also to be a part of the adult tennis program. To my amazement, what started out as me going to support my friend ended up with me being a part of the program.


I've learned many different types of exercises. I started out in the gym lifting weights - 8 lbs., 10 lbs., 15 lbs., and 25 lbs. I can squat 200 lbs. for reps at a body weight of 120 lbs. I work with the weights for my whole body. I use the physio ball. I also use the stair master. Graig thinks I should be using the bike to actually get warmed up. I do as he says because he knows what he's talking about. He never lets you quit. He always says, "Come on, you can do this." And nine times out of ten you are actually doing everything he tells you to do. It's not what he can do for you, but what you can get out of his entire exercise program.

I'm still working on learning all aspects of tennis. Some people are born with a special gift, a special talent. I'm still working at it. I'm not very athletically inclined. Never did I show any interest in attending a gym nor did I have the desire to learn how to play tennis.

Now I feel great. Physically, I feel wonderful. My appearance has changed. My arms, legs, stomach - my whole being is different. I actually did not expect all of my many changes. It is truely a blessing in disguise.


Having Graig White as my conditioning coach/friend - that is what he's become to me - is an awesome experience. Anything that he does he takes the challenge and makes the best of it. But know that Graig does not do it on his own. He truly works with you and does it because he sincerely enjoys his job. Never have I met someone with so much to give without expecting anything in return.

Graig White gives you his undivided attention, and you in turn receive the gift of feeling and looking great. He is an excellent trainer/instructor. He makes you believe that everything is possible. You can and will be able to do it. You first must believe you can achieve.

Exercising has given me the opportunity to believe in me. Graig White autographed an article he wrote for Universal Matters, his words to me were, "Nothing you want is out of your reach." I didn't understand what he meant by those eight words at that time - now I live by them - words I hold dear every single day of my life.

Look at me, if you can dream it you can achieve it. I owe it all to my personal trainer - Graig White.

That's my success story. What do you think?

Photos by Art Redd

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