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Wednesday, December 16, 1998

By Gregory "Graig" White
SJSports Physical Fitness Advisor


I play for Shawnee High School in Shawnee, Oklahoma. I started last year as a transfer student from a private school in the same town. I was an okay basketball player. I would like your program for running and one for dribbling. At 6'4", I could use some better techniques.

Thank you.

Josh Giza



Since I don't know what you are doing now, the one thing I would suggest you is to practice on the plane you will be playing on. What I mean is, one of the things I see that drives me crazy is kids doing dribbling drills while running around the court. Since basketball isn't played around the court, the best drill to do would be to dribble up and down the court. You may want to dribble while running at different speeds to simulate different game conditions. As far as running to get fit, we have our greatest success when we do it without the ball. I find that basketball players tend to focus more on the ball (as well they should). So by removing the ball, you will concentrate more on the conditioning drills and not so much on other things.

Josh, thanks for the question and I will get a protocol out to you.

Gregory "Graig" White

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