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Winning Ways:
Conditioning Your Soccer Team

Wednesday, September 30, 1998

By Gregory "Graig" White
SJSports Physical Fitness Advisor

Hi Graig:

I coach a local Under-13 girls travel soccer team that plays a pretty competitive schedule. My girls are old enough now to benefit from some type of conditioning program to help them get ready for the upcoming fall season. I would appreciate any suggestions you can provide in order for the players to improve their stamina and overall conditioning.

Thanks for the help.

Mike Veneziani


Coach Veneziani:

I think the best way to condition your soccer team would be to do interval training. Soccer athletes have to have the strength of a sprinter and the stamina of a distance runner. With that in mind the best way to handle your athletes would be to get them to train on the plane that they play on. By that I mean don't ask them to do this on a track, your players will not be running in circles. So don't ask them to train in circles. The drill I recommend is called "Ladders". Set up a series of cones you want them to be a uniformed distance apart, like 10 yards. Have your team sprint to the farthest cone and jog back when they get to the closest cone. Make sure that everybody is giving you their best effort. You could time it and each time you do it, have the team work to come in under the time before that. I do this with most of my athletes and have great success. Coach, I hope this helps, I also want you to know that I am willing to come and help in any way I can. I can be reached through this site or call me at Rutgers University at (856) 225-6197. Take care and good luck.

Gregory "Graig" White

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