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Winning Ways:
Beating the Heat

Wednesday, June 3, 1998

By Gregory "Graig" White
SJSports Physical Fitness Advisor

Summer is the best time to be outside, soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the warm weather. But the glaring rays and the heat can present some serious problems for people who like to workout outside. To ensure a safe and healthy exercise protocol when the heat rises, follow these key points:

  • Sometimes even the most advanced fitness enthusiasts may not be immune to the adverse effects of the humidity and intense heat. Keep your workout times to either early morning or evening hours. You want to escape the sun while it is at its highest point. Swimming is also a safe exercise when it's hot.

  • Dehydration is a common danger people face in the summer. Drinking water before you workout and every 15 minutes during your workout, is one of the best ways to avoid this potential danger.

  • Protection from the sun's rays is needed by all. Whether you are running, biking or playing tennis, don't forget your sunscreen. Apply it freely before going outside and use a product that is waterproof which will last as long as your workout.

  • While working out, wearing the right clothes is important. Pick clothes that will allow you to move freely, yet won't get in the way of your exercise protocol. Choose items made of cotton, for breath ability, with lycra added to enhance the fit.

Remember, don't over exert and follow these tips and you will enjoy a safe and healthy summer.

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