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High School Weightlifting:
USPF New Jersey High School Championships

Sunday, March 5, 2000

By Gregory "Graig" White
SJSports Physical Fitness Advisor

On Sunday, I had the opportunity to observe the Powerlifting meet at St. Joseph's High School in Hammonton, NJ. What a treat, to see young people competing against themselves and schools from other areas. The determination and intensity filled a gym that had more than a few interested spectators. This is the first year I had the chance to attend, and let me tell you this meet is the real deal.

If you are a high school weight lifter and you are looking for an opportunity to test your strength against some of the best lifters in the state, both boys and girls, then keep a close eye out, we will keep you posted.


Team Scoring

1St. Joseph-Hammonton43
2St. Joseph-Montvale30
4Middle Township18
5Ocean City12

1Megann SaccoSt. Joseph-Hammonton165-105-265-535
2Christina JonesSt. Joseph-Hammonton165-100-250-515
3Kaitlin MosleyJackson180-90-210-480

Boys 114 lbs.
1Sergio MarreroSt. Joseph-Montvale325-160-330-815
2Christopher MauroJackson245-155-320-720
3Dan LowrySt. Joseph-Hammonton200-150-265-615

Boys 123 lbs.
1Joe PfeifferSt. Joseph-Hammonton305-190-350-845
2Dave KayeLakewood225-150-250-625
3Megann SaccoSt. Joseph-Hammonton165-105-265-535

Boys 132 lbs.
1Dominic DalayHoly Spirit380-220-375-975
2Hassan AhmedAtlantic City380-210-370-960
3Willie WoodsEgg Harbor Township285-190-350-825

Boys 148 lbs.
1Viet VoAtlantic City415-275-430-1120
2Jason GomezSt. Joseph-Hammonton405-200-430-1035
3Kenneth HannahOcean City340-205-405-960

Boys 165 lbs.
1Mike NardelloSt. Joseph-Hammonton355-300-450-1105
2Clarence MooreMiddle Township405-230-440-1075
3Paul SchibellChristian Brothers410-245-415-1070

Boys 181 lbs.
1Michael CrowleyMiddle Township370-315-480-1165
2Mike McClintockSt. Joseph-Hammonton390-285-425-1100
3Darin ShanksAtlantic City430-280-405-1095

Boys 198 lbs.
1Greg GreenPleasantville505-305-505-1315
2Marcus GoncalvesJackson450-280-475-1225
3Aaron CarringtonAtlantic City475-240-475-1190

Boys 220 lbs.
1Bill O'BrienSt. Joseph-Hammonton500-280-535-1315
2Daniel MartineSt. Joseph-Montvale470-325-470-1265
3Will GajdziscJackson450-265-480-1195

Boys 242 lbs.
1Travis RoeslerMater Dei425-345-505-1275
2Ray BrownJackson420-240-465-1125
3Bryan BurkeSt. Joseph-Montvale430-240-425-1095

Boys 272 lbs.
1Fred YostSt. Joseph-Hammonton435-255-450-1140
2Sean GilliganSt. Joseph-Montvale250-190-405-845
No third

Boys Super Heavyweight
1Leonard LaBeurSt. Joseph-Montvale550-235-450-1235
2Robert GoodheartMiddle Township280-185-410-875
No third

WL05CWathumb.jpg WL05CWbthumb.jpg WL05CWcthumb.jpg WL05CWdthumb.jpg WL05CWethumb.jpg WL05CWfthumb.jpg WL05CWgthumb.jpg WL05CWithumb.jpg WL05CWhthumb.jpg WL05CWjthumb.jpg WL05CWkthumb.jpg WL05CWlthumb.jpg WL05CWmthumb.jpg WL05CWnthumb.jpg WL05CWothumb.jpg WL05CWpthumb.jpg WL05CWqthumb.jpg WL05CWrthumb.jpg WL05CWsthumb.jpg WL05CWtthumb.jpg WL05CWuthumb.jpg WL05CWvthumb.jpg WL05CWxthumb.jpg WL05CWythumb.jpg WL05CWzthumb.jpg

Photos by Forrest Robleto

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