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2003 High School Girls Gymnastics Schedule
Tue., Sep. 16LenapeCherokee5:00 PM97.175-103.05
Tue., Sep. 16Washington TownshipShawnee5:00 PM94.6-95.25
Fri., Sep. 19Hunterdon CentralLenape4:00 PM101.5-96.375
Fri., Sep. 19HillsboroughShawnee5:00 PM
Fri., Sep. 19Toms River EastShawnee5:00 PM86.6-91.4
Fri., Sep. 19SenecaWashington Township5:00 PM92.9-96.85
Tue., Sep. 23CherokeeWashington Township5:00 PM
Tue., Sep. 23ShawneeLenape5:00 PM98.65-99.4
Tue., Sep. 23SenecaShawnee5:00 PM100.85-98.65
Thu., Sep. 25CherokeeHillsborough5:00 PM102.85-104
Thu., Sep. 25ShawneeHunterdon Central5:00 PM
Thu., Sep. 25LenapeNorth Hunterdon5:00 PM
Thu., Sep. 25Washington TownshipBridgewater-Raritan5:00 PM98.525-98.325
Thu., Sep. 25Bridgewater-RaritanSeneca5:00 PM98.325-99.675
Thu., Sep. 25Washington TownshipSeneca5:00 PM98.525-99.675
Tue., Sep. 30Washington TownshipLenape5:00 PM98.65-97.775
Tue., Sep. 30CherokeeShawnee5:00 PM100.55-94.775
Thu., Oct. 2Hunterdon CentralCherokee5:00 PM104.1-104.95
Fri., Oct. 3Washington TownshipNorth Hunterdon5:00 PM
Fri., Oct. 3LenapeSeneca5:00 PM96.6-96.95
Fri., Oct. 3ShawneeSeneca5:00 PM95.975-96.95
Tue., Oct. 7SenecaMontgomery5:00 PM97.05-96.1
Tue., Oct. 7Old BridgeNorth Brunswick5:00 PM
Wed., Oct. 8CherokeeLenape5:00 PM
Wed., Oct. 8ShawneeWashington Township5:00 PM83.075-106.65
Thu., Oct. 9CherokeeSeneca5:00 PM103.25-107.5
Fri., Oct. 10LenapeHillsborough5:00 PM
Fri., Oct. 10Washington TownshipHunterdon Central5:00 PM108.25-104.725
Fri., Oct. 10ShawneeLacey Township5:00 PM
Fri., Oct. 10Toms River EastLacey Township5:00 PM
Tue., Oct. 14Washington TownshipCherokee5:00 PM105.55-100.925
Tue., Oct. 14LenapeShawnee5:00 PM88.775-95.275
Thu., Oct. 16Hunterdon CentralSeneca6:00 PM100.9-93.1
Fri., Oct. 17CherokeeBridgewater-Raritan5:00 PM
Fri., Oct. 17MontgomeryShawnee5:00 PM95.97-99.22
Fri., Oct. 17LenapeWashington Township5:00 PM
Tue., Oct. 21SenecaCherokee5:00 PM98.725-103.6
Tue., Oct. 21SenecaLenape5:00 PM98.725-91.675
Tue., Oct. 21North HunterdonShawnee5:00 PM
Tue., Oct. 21HillsboroughWashington Township5:00 PM103.975-110.175
Fri., Oct. 24Washington TownshipBridgewater-Raritan5:00 PM
Fri., Oct. 24ShawneeCherokee5:00 PM97.65-103.9
Fri., Oct. 24SenecaHillsborough5:00 PM101.17-105.47
Mon., Oct. 27North HunterdonCherokee5:00 PM100.25-104.625
Mon., Oct. 27Toms River EastSeneca5:00 PM85.2-100.4
Tue., Oct. 28ShawneeBridgewater-Raritan5:00 PM
Tue., Oct. 28Bridgewater-RaritanLenape5:00 PM
Tue., Oct. 28SenecaNorth Hunterdon5:00 PM102.9-105.1
Tue., Oct. 28SenecaWatchung Hills5:00 PM102.9-90.25
Thu., Oct. 30CherokeeNovice Meet5:00 PM
Thu., Oct. 30LenapeNovice Meet5:00 PM
Thu., Oct. 30SenecaNovice MeetTBA
Thu., Oct. 30ShawneeNovice Meet5:00 PM
Thu., Oct. 30Washington TownshipNovice Meet5:00 PM
Tue., Nov. 4CherokeeSJGL Meet5:00 PM
Tue., Nov. 4LenapeSJGL Meet5:00 PM
Tue., Nov. 4SenecaSJGL Meet5:00 PM
Tue., Nov. 4ShawneeSJGL Meet5:00 PM
Tue., Nov. 4Washington TownshipSJGL Meet5:00 PM

All schedules are subject to change without notice due to weather and other factors. Please contact the school's Athletic Director for official times and locations.

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