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Camden Catholic Holds Off Highland

Saturday, January 31, 1998

By Art Redd
SJSports Staff Writer

Whenever two good teams get together to compete against each other, usually the parking lot is a sign that a good sporting event is about to happen. Let's take the wrestling match where Highland traveled to Camden Catholic. The parking lot was packed from front to back. And if you showed up late, you had to struggle to get a seat in the house. Everyone in attendance had to remember last year's match against these two teams. That's when Highland's long winning streak came to an end by the Irish. Camden Catholic continued their winning streak against Highland and held off 31-29.

This tight match had first period pins by Camden Catholic's Jim Perry and Mike Bagocious. Those pins pushed Camden Catholic out to a 21-3 lead which Highland could not overcome. The key match of the night was the 215-pound weight class. With Highland down late in the match, Brent Tyson and Don Henley of Highland both needed pins to have any chance to pull out the victory. Mike Denin in the 215-weight class lost his match against Tyson, but was not pinned. That was enough to hold off Highland's charge. Highland had one team point deducted for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Here are the results from each weight class:

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103 lbs. - Mike Booth, Camden Catholic, defeated Chris Rosano; 6-4 (OVT)

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112 lbs. - Jim Perry, Camden Catholic, pinned Carl Ladner; 1:24

119 lbs. - Vince Furfari, Camden Catholic, defeated Matt Kucinski; 5-3

125 lbs. - Nick Cottone, Highland, defeated Bill Heverly; 4-2

130 lbs. - Mike Bagocious, Camden Catholic, pinned Brian O'Donnell; 1:08

135 lbs. - Brian Cassano, Camden Catholic, defeated Rahtice Howard; 10-7

140 lbs. - Nick Donafo, Highland, pinned Mike Franchi; 3:28

145 lbs. - Dennis Virelli, Camden Catholic, Shaun Chando; 13-7

152 lbs. - Pat Underwood, Camden Catholic, defeated Mike Franchetti; 11-4

160 lbs. - Rich Lewis, Camden Catholic, defeated Kevin Daley; 9-1

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171 lbs. - Mike McGinly, Highland, won by forfeit

189 lbs. - Jamere Tyson, Highland, pinned Sean Atwell; 4:45

215 lbs. - Brent Tyson, Highland, defeated Mike Denin; 4-1

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Hwt - Don Henley, Highland, pinned Sean Milowe; 4:44

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