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2006 High School Girls Lacrosse Schedule
Sat., Apr. 1WillingboroCinnaminson1:30 PM5-20
Sat., Apr. 1Winslow TownshipCollingswood2:00 PM1-17
Sat., Apr. 1Rancocas ValleyHoly Cross2:00 PM3-8
Sat., Apr. 1Cherry Hill WestCamden Catholic3:00 PM8-18
Sat., Apr. 1Middle TownshipCherokee3:00 PM6-13
Sat., Apr. 1Ocean CityLenape3:00 PM7-14
Sat., Apr. 1DelranNew Egypt3:30 PM7-6
Sat., Apr. 1West DeptfordKingsway6:00 PM6-6
Mon., Apr. 3EasternCherokee3:45 PM10-3
Mon., Apr. 3MillvilleCherry Hill West3:45 PM19-5
Mon., Apr. 3CinnaminsonRancocas Valley3:45 PM5-4
Mon., Apr. 3CollingswoodSeneca3:45 PM9-10
Mon., Apr. 3LenapeWashington Township3:45 PM6-15
Mon., Apr. 3Paul VIWest Deptford3:45 PM13-12
Mon., Apr. 3Northern BurlingtonWillingboro3:45 PM19-5
Mon., Apr. 3Cherry Hill EastWinslow Township3:45 PM15-1
Mon., Apr. 3Camden CatholicLower Cape May4:00 PM15-0
Mon., Apr. 3KingswayMiddle Township4:00 PM13-17
Mon., Apr. 3ClearviewOcean City4:00 PM8-14
Mon., Apr. 3DelranMaple Shade7:00 PM14-2
Tue., Apr. 4Cherry Hill EastEastern3:45 PM0-10
Tue., Apr. 4PennsaukenMoorestown Friends3:45 PM6-7
Tue., Apr. 4Camden CatholicSeneca3:45 PM13-9
Tue., Apr. 4Conestoga (PA)Shawnee4:00 PM5-5
Wed., Apr. 5Washington TownshipCherokee3:45 PM19-2
Wed., Apr. 5WillingboroDelran3:45 PM6-19
Wed., Apr. 5MoorestownLawrenceville School4:00 PM15-1
Wed., Apr. 5Rancocas ValleyMaple Shade4:00 PM8-4
Wed., Apr. 5MainlandWest Deptford4:00 PM9-7
Wed., Apr. 5Northern BurlingtonCinnaminson6:30 PM7-5
Thu., Apr. 6PennsaukenCherry Hill East3:45 PM2-13
Thu., Apr. 6Camden CatholicCollingswood3:45 PM23-14
Thu., Apr. 6EasternShawnee3:45 PM5-17
Thu., Apr. 6KingswayMainland4:00 PM3-4
Thu., Apr. 6MillvilleOcean City4:00 PM13-11
Thu., Apr. 6Cherry Hill WestCherokee7:15 PM5-7
Fri., Apr. 7CinnaminsonMoorestown3:45 PM1-20
Fri., Apr. 7Maple ShadeNew Egypt3:45 PM4-15
Fri., Apr. 7DelranRancocas Valley3:45 PM14-7
Fri., Apr. 7Middle TownshipLower Cape May4:00 PM17-6
Mon., Apr. 10New EgyptWillingboro2:45 PM17-4
Mon., Apr. 10Ocean CityCollingswood3:45 PM10-13
Mon., Apr. 10Northern BurlingtonDelran3:45 PM13-6
Mon., Apr. 10CinnaminsonHoly Cross3:45 PM6-9
Mon., Apr. 10Rancocas ValleyMoorestown Friends3:45 PM12-7
Mon., Apr. 10ShawneePennsauken3:45 PM20-2
Mon., Apr. 10Washington TownshipLower Cape May4:00 PM16-2
Mon., Apr. 10MillvilleMiddle Township4:00 PM21-14
Mon., Apr. 10RidgewoodMoorestown4:00 PM2-19
Mon., Apr. 10KingswayUrsuline Academy (DE)4:00 PM9-5
Tue., Apr. 11PennsaukenCamden Catholic3:45 PM6-15
Tue., Apr. 11West DeptfordCherry Hill West3:45 PM3-13
Tue., Apr. 11ClearviewWashington Township3:45 PM6-19
Tue., Apr. 11Lower Cape MayLenape4:00 PM0-18
Tue., Apr. 11Cherry Hill EastMiddle Township4:00 PM11-6
Tue., Apr. 11Winslow TownshipPaul VI4:00 PM9-10
Tue., Apr. 11Ocean CitySeneca4:00 PM10-13
Tue., Apr. 11ManalapanKingsway6:30 PM0-21
Wed., Apr. 12LenapeCherry Hill East3:30 PM8-8
Wed., Apr. 12Holy CrossNorthern Burlington3:45 PM8-10
Wed., Apr. 12West DeptfordSeneca3:45 PM3-14
Wed., Apr. 12Maple ShadeWillingboro4:00 PM11-14
Thu., Apr. 13Archbishop Carroll (PA)Eastern2:00 PM14-9
Thu., Apr. 13Lower Cape MayClearview3:00 PM0-12
Thu., Apr. 13KingswayOcean City3:30 PM1-16
Thu., Apr. 13MillvilleShawnee3:45 PM5-20
Thu., Apr. 13MoorestownWillingboro3:45 PM22-1
Thu., Apr. 13Camden CatholicMiddle Township4:00 PM19-5
Thu., Apr. 13Northern BurlingtonNew Egypt7:00 PM15-6
Sat., Apr. 15Holy CrossHunterdon Central11:00 AM10-3
Sat., Apr. 15MillvillePennsauken11:00 AM11-3
Sat., Apr. 15ShawneeRidgewood12:00 PM16-3
Sat., Apr. 15MoorestownSuffern (NY)1:00 PM18-5
Mon., Apr. 17Washington TownshipPennsauken10:00 AM16-3
Mon., Apr. 17EasternMillville11:00 AM21-11
Mon., Apr. 17Rancocas ValleyLawrence3:45 PM9-8
Mon., Apr. 17Northern BurlingtonMaple Shade4:00 PM14-2
Tue., Apr. 18CherokeeLenape11:00 AM1-16
Tue., Apr. 18Cherry Hill WestCherry Hill East3:45 PM4-17
Tue., Apr. 18CinnaminsonCollingswood3:45 PM14-21
Tue., Apr. 18Holy CrossMoorestown3:45 PM0-19
Tue., Apr. 18Friends CentralMoorestown Friends3:45 PM9-3
Tue., Apr. 18Washington TownshipShawnee3:45 PM5-16
Tue., Apr. 18ClearviewCamden Catholic4:00 PM3-15
Tue., Apr. 18Paul VIKingsway4:00 PM9-7
Wed., Apr. 19CherokeeKingsway11:00 AM13-6
Wed., Apr. 19DelranCinnaminson3:30 PM4-11
Wed., Apr. 19New EgyptRancocas Valley3:45 PM16-6
Thu., Apr. 20SenecaPaul VI11:00 AM16-3
Thu., Apr. 20ShawneeCherry Hill West3:45 PM20-1
Thu., Apr. 20Winslow TownshipMillville3:45 PM4-18
Thu., Apr. 20LenapePennsauken3:45 PM13-2
Thu., Apr. 20EasternWashington Township3:45 PM10-11
Thu., Apr. 20Camden CatholicWest Deptford3:45 PM16-3
Thu., Apr. 20ClearviewCollingswood4:00 PM16-19
Thu., Apr. 20MoorestownPeddie School4:00 PM18-2
Thu., Apr. 20Moorestown FriendsGeorge School4:15 PM7-16
Fri., Apr. 21Rancocas ValleyNorthern Burlington11:00 AM2-11
Fri., Apr. 21KingswayEastern3:30 PM1-16
Fri., Apr. 21Maple ShadeHoly Cross3:45 PM5-17
Sat., Apr. 22Cherry Hill EastKingsway10:00 AM12-4
Sat., Apr. 22Winslow TownshipWest Deptford10:00 AM10-5
Sat., Apr. 22CinnaminsonMaple Shade2:00 PM
Mon., Apr. 24Maple ShadeNorthern Burlington3:45 PM2-16
Mon., Apr. 24Holy CrossRancocas Valley3:45 PM
Mon., Apr. 24Winslow TownshipKingsway4:00 PM11-12
Mon., Apr. 24Ocean CityPaul VI4:00 PM17-3
Mon., Apr. 24MillvilleSeneca4:00 PM9-16
Mon., Apr. 24New EgyptDelran6:30 PM10-14
Tue., Apr. 25Moorestown FriendsAbington Friends3:45 PM16-9
Tue., Apr. 25PennsaukenCherry Hill West3:45 PM5-13
Tue., Apr. 25LenapeEastern3:45 PM12-10
Tue., Apr. 25Cherry Hill EastWashington Township3:45 PM10-17
Tue., Apr. 25MillvilleCherokee4:00 PM13-9
Tue., Apr. 25Lower Cape MayOcean City4:00 PM2-15
Tue., Apr. 25CollingswoodPaul VI4:00 PM20-9
Tue., Apr. 25Penn Charter (PA)Shawnee4:00 PM4-18
Wed., Apr. 26Rancocas ValleyCinnaminson3:45 PM7-16
Wed., Apr. 26New EgyptHoly Cross3:45 PM7-11
Wed., Apr. 26WillingboroNorthern Burlington3:45 PM2-19
Wed., Apr. 26Winslow TownshipShawnee3:45 PM3-20
Wed., Apr. 26Maple ShadeDelran4:00 PM7-18
Wed., Apr. 26MoorestownShore4:15 PM12-5
Thu., Apr. 27SenecaCherry Hill West3:45 PM15-8
Thu., Apr. 27New EgyptMoorestown3:45 PM0-19
Thu., Apr. 27West DeptfordPennsauken3:45 PM5-11
Thu., Apr. 27Maple ShadeRancocas Valley3:45 PM7-9
Thu., Apr. 27Middle TownshipWashington Township3:45 PM4-18
Thu., Apr. 27ClearviewCherokee4:00 PM11-12
Thu., Apr. 27EasternLawrenceville School4:00 PM10-11
Thu., Apr. 27CollingswoodMillville4:00 PM21-17
Fri., Apr. 28CinnaminsonNorthern Burlington3:45 PM6-10
Fri., Apr. 28SenecaPennsauken3:45 PM8-3
Fri., Apr. 28Moorestown FriendsWesttown School3:45 PM
Fri., Apr. 28DelranWillingboro3:45 PM21-5
Fri., Apr. 28CherokeeCherry Hill East4:00 PM6-12
Fri., Apr. 28Ocean CityMiddle Township4:00 PM19-7
Fri., Apr. 28West DeptfordPaul VI4:00 PM5-12
Fri., Apr. 28Holy CrossWashington Township6:00 PM6-16
Sat., Apr. 29ShawneeLenape10:00 AM18-6
Sat., Apr. 29Cherry Hill WestWinslow Township10:00 AM
Sat., Apr. 29EasternShore10:30 AM7-10
Mon., May 1Winslow TownshipCamden Catholic3:45 PM3-16
Mon., May 1Lower Cape MayCherry Hill East3:45 PM0-19
Mon., May 1SenecaCollingswood3:45 PM7-9
Mon., May 1Rancocas ValleyDelran3:45 PM7-11
Mon., May 1WillingboroHoly Cross3:45 PM4-18
Mon., May 1Washington TownshipLenape3:45 PM9-7
Mon., May 1Cherry Hill WestMillville3:45 PM4-8
Mon., May 1ManalapanNorthern Burlington3:45 PM0-18
Mon., May 1PennsaukenShawnee3:45 PM1-18
Mon., May 1Ocean CityClearview4:00 PM15-7
Mon., May 1CherokeeEastern4:00 PM6-12
Mon., May 1Middle TownshipKingsway4:00 PM3-9
Mon., May 1New EgyptMaple Shade4:00 PM12-4
Tue., May 2Academy of the New ChurchMoorestown Friends3:45 PM5-7
Tue., May 2West DeptfordWillingboro3:45 PM7-7
Wed., May 3ShawneeCherokee3:45 PM19-3
Wed., May 3MillvilleCherry Hill East3:45 PM15-14
Wed., May 3Holy CrossCinnaminson3:45 PM16-9
Wed., May 3Winslow TownshipPennsauken3:45 PM3-13
Wed., May 3KingswaySeneca3:45 PM2-15
Wed., May 3Paul VIClearview4:00 PM12-10
Wed., May 3West DeptfordLower Cape May4:00 PM12-2
Wed., May 3Middle TownshipMainland4:00 PM10-9
Wed., May 3Camden CatholicOcean City4:00 PM14-10
Wed., May 3Moorestown FriendsStuart Country Day4:00 PM5-16
Wed., May 3Seton Keough (MD)Moorestown4:30 PM2-16
Wed., May 3Cherry Hill WestLenape7:00 PM4-10
Wed., May 3DelranNorthern Burlington7:00 PM3-8
Thu., May 4Paul VICamden Catholic3:45 PM7-18
Thu., May 4PennsaukenMillville3:45 PM9-13
Thu., May 4Maple ShadeMoorestown3:45 PM1-19
Thu., May 4CinnaminsonWillingboro3:45 PM16-4
Thu., May 4ClearviewKingsway4:00 PM8-8
Fri., May 5EasternCherry Hill East3:45 PM14-10
Fri., May 5Winslow TownshipCherry Hill West3:45 PM4-13
Fri., May 5West DeptfordCollingswood3:45 PM7-18
Fri., May 5Northern BurlingtonHoly Cross3:45 PM6-7
Fri., May 5Rancocas ValleyNew Egypt3:45 PM8-12
Fri., May 5SenecaShawnee3:45 PM3-14
Fri., May 5Lower Cape MayMiddle Township4:00 PM5-15
Fri., May 5Washington TownshipOcean City4:00 PM17-5
Fri., May 5Moorestown FriendsShipley School4:00 PM6-15
Fri., May 5LenapeCherokee8:00 PM11-4
Sat., May 6Holy CrossMaple Shade2:30 PM
Sat., May 6PinelandsNew Egypt2:30 PM7-15
Sat., May 6Oak KnollEastern4:00 PM14-5
Sat., May 6Mount Hebron (MD)Moorestown4:00 PM10-8
Sat., May 6Middle TownshipWest Deptford4:00 PM13-16
Mon., May 8Maple ShadeCinnaminson3:30 PM4-17
Mon., May 8MillvilleCamden Catholic3:45 PM6-16
Mon., May 8Cherry Hill WestCollingswood3:45 PM9-14
Mon., May 8DelranHoly Cross3:45 PM7-11
Mon., May 8Rancocas ValleyMoorestown3:45 PM1-20
Mon., May 8New EgyptNorthern Burlington3:45 PM4-13
Mon., May 8Washington TownshipKingsway4:00 PM17-5
Mon., May 8CherokeeLower Cape May4:00 PM9-2
Mon., May 8ClearviewMiddle Township4:00 PM19-12
Mon., May 8Cherry Hill EastOcean City4:00 PM8-5
Mon., May 8EwingPennsauken4:00 PM3-9
Mon., May 8Winslow TownshipSeneca7:30 PM2-16
Tue., May 9MoorestownEastern3:45 PM18-6
Tue., May 9Germantown FriendsMoorestown Friends3:45 PM10-9
Wed., May 10CinnaminsonDelran3:30 PM12-11
Wed., May 10CollingswoodCamden Catholic3:45 PM12-11
Wed., May 10Paul VICherry Hill West3:45 PM10-12
Wed., May 10Holy CrossConwell-Egan (PA)3:45 PM11-9
Wed., May 10Cherry Hill EastLenape3:45 PM13-10
Wed., May 10ShawneeMillville3:45 PM17-7
Wed., May 10WillingboroRancocas Valley3:45 PM6-19
Wed., May 10PennsaukenWinslow Township3:45 PM10-3
Wed., May 10Ocean CityKingsway4:00 PM12-3
Wed., May 10ClearviewLower Cape May4:00 PM11-1
Wed., May 10SenecaWest Deptford4:00 PM15-3
Wed., May 10CherokeeWashington Township7:00 PM9-19
Thu., May 11Holy CrossCherokee3:30 PM14-5
Thu., May 11ShawneeEastern3:45 PM18-4
Thu., May 11West DeptfordMoorestown Friends3:45 PM9-13
Thu., May 11Middle TownshipSeneca3:45 PM5-16
Thu., May 11Oak KnollMoorestown4:45 PM2-17
Fri., May 12CinnaminsonCherry Hill East3:45 PM2-14
Fri., May 12Washington TownshipCherry Hill West3:45 PM17-7
Fri., May 12MainlandCollingswood3:45 PM7-19
Fri., May 12Moorestown FriendsDelran3:45 PM6-16
Fri., May 12LenapeMillville3:45 PM16-7
Fri., May 12Northern BurlingtonRancocas Valley3:45 PM10-4
Fri., May 12Paul VILower Cape May4:00 PM16-4
Sat., May 13CollingswoodWest Deptford10:00 AM17-7
Sat., May 13Northern BurlingtonWinslow Township10:00 AM18-2
Sat., May 13Middle TownshipLenape11:00 AM3-17
Mon., May 15Washington TownshipCherry Hill East3:45 PM12-11
Mon., May 15CinnaminsonNew Egypt3:45 PM17-8
Mon., May 15Paul VISeneca3:45 PM3-13
Mon., May 15Rancocas ValleyWillingboro3:45 PM
Mon., May 15LenapeWinslow Township3:45 PM15-2
Mon., May 15Middle TownshipClearview6:30 PM6-17
Tue., May 16West DeptfordCamden Catholic3:45 PM6-17
Tue., May 16Cherry Hill EastCherokee3:45 PM8-3
Tue., May 16Washington TownshipEastern3:45 PM14-9
Tue., May 16Cherry Hill WestShawnee3:45 PM1-20
Tue., May 16MillvilleWinslow Township3:45 PM18-1
Tue., May 16KingswayLower Cape May4:00 PM9-0
Tue., May 16WillingboroMaple Shade7:00 PM11-5
Wed., May 17Paul VICinnaminson3:45 PM3-13
Wed., May 17MoorestownNorthern Burlington3:45 PM19-2
Wed., May 17Cherry Hill WestPennsauken3:45 PM13-9
Wed., May 17CollingswoodShawnee3:45 PM3-10
Wed., May 17LenapeClearview4:00 PM17-11
Thu., May 18Winslow TownshipCherokee3:45 PM7-10
Thu., May 18LenapeHoly Cross3:45 PM11-9
Thu., May 18DelranMoorestown3:45 PM2-20
Thu., May 18Lower Cape MaySeneca3:45 PM2-15
Thu., May 18New EgyptW. Windsor-Plainsboro N.3:45 PM3-17
Thu., May 18MillvilleWashington Township3:45 PM8-16
Thu., May 18Rancocas ValleyEwing4:00 PM12-3
Thu., May 18Hopewell ValleyMoorestown Friends4:00 PM19-7
Thu., May 18West DeptfordOcean City4:00 PM9-19
Fri., May 19EasternCherry Hill West3:45 PM20-10
Fri., May 19New EgyptCinnaminson3:45 PM
Fri., May 19KingswayClearview3:45 PM3-8
Fri., May 19Holy CrossShawnee3:45 PM5-18
Fri., May 19Ocean CityLower Cape May4:00 PM14-5
Sat., May 20SenecaCamden Catholic10:00 AM8-15
Sat., May 20Paul VICollingswood10:00 AM
Sat., May 20St. Stephen & St. AgnesMoorestown12:00 PM8-9
Sat., May 20Paul VIPt. Pleasant Boro4:00 PM6-17
Sat., May 20New EgyptSt. John Vianney4:00 PM8-9
Mon., May 22EasternLenape3:30 PM10-13
Mon., May 22WillingboroMillville3:45 PM5-20
Mon., May 22ShawneeWinslow Township3:45 PM
Mon., May 22Lower Cape MayKingsway4:00 PM5-12
Mon., May 22Ocean CityMainland4:00 PM14-8
Mon., May 22Holy CrossNew Egypt4:00 PM
Mon., May 22Camden CatholicPaul VI4:00 PM14-2
Mon., May 22CherokeePennsauken4:00 PM9-10
Mon., May 22ClearviewSeneca4:00 PM4-11
Tue., May 23PennsaukenEastern3:30 PM4-10
Tue., May 23Middle TownshipPaul VI4:00 PM8-14
Tue., May 23Old BridgeCherry Hill East4:00 PM5-17
Tue., May 23Toms River EastLenape4:00 PM2-14
Tue., May 23Ocean CityMillville4:00 PM10-7
Tue., May 23South BrunswickMoorestown4:00 PM2-20
Tue., May 23CentralShawnee4:00 PM3-20
Tue., May 23Wall TownshipWashington Township4:00 PM8-20
Wed., May 24ClearviewMaple Shade4:00 PM16-1
Wed., May 24MainlandMiddle Township4:00 PM3-7
Wed., May 24Pt. Pleasant BoroCamden Catholic4:00 PM5-18
Wed., May 24PrincetonCollingswood4:00 PM11-24
Wed., May 24Holy CrossHopewell Valley4:00 PM10-8
Wed., May 24DelranNorthern Burlington4:00 PM2-8
Wed., May 24CinnaminsonSeneca4:00 PM4-10
Thu., May 25Paul VIMillville4:00 PM7-18
Thu., May 25Cherry Hill EastLenape4:00 PM10-9
Thu., May 25Ocean CityMoorestown4:00 PM5-20
Thu., May 25Toms River NorthShawnee4:00 PM2-18
Thu., May 25W. Windsor-Plainsboro N.Washington Township4:00 PM11-16
Fri., May 26Middle TownshipOcean City4:00 PM
Fri., May 26CollingswoodCamden Catholic4:00 PM
Fri., May 26SenecaRed Bank Catholic4:00 PM
Fri., May 26Northern BurlingtonRumson-Fair Haven4:00 PM
Fri., May 26Holy CrossShore4:00 PM
Tue., May 30Cherry Hill EastMoorestown4:00 PM
Tue., May 30Washington TownshipShawnee4:00 PM


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