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2003 High School Girls Volleyball Schedule
Sat., Sep. 13Cherry Hill EastEastern Invitational9:00 AM
Sat., Sep. 13Cherry Hill WestEastern Invitational9:00 AM
Sat., Sep. 13EasternEastern Invitational9:00 AM
Sat., Sep. 13ClearviewMoorestown Invitational10:00 AM
Sat., Sep. 13MoorestownMoorestown Invitational10:00 AM
Sat., Sep. 13Pt. Pleasant BeachMoorestown Invitational10:00 AM
Sat., Sep. 13SterlingMoorestown Invitational10:00 AM
Mon., Sep. 15Washington TownshipCherry Hill West3:45 PM3-0
Mon., Sep. 15Pt. Pleasant BeachSouthern4:00 PM
Tue., Sep. 16Gloucester Twp. TechGCIT4:00 PM0-3
Tue., Sep. 16PleasantvilleMoorestown4:30 PM0-3
Tue., Sep. 16St. JosephOur Lady of Mercy4:00 PM1-3
Wed., Sep. 17EasternClearview3:45 PM3-0
Wed., Sep. 17Washington TownshipMoorestown3:45 PM3-1
Wed., Sep. 17PennsaukenPennsauken Tech3:45 PM
Wed., Sep. 17St. JosephPleasantville4:00 PM3-0
Wed., Sep. 17SterlingWinslow Township3:45 PM
Thu., Sep. 18North 13th Street TechGloucester Twp. Tech3:45 PM3-1
Fri., Sep. 19PleasantvilleGCIT3:45 PM3-0
Fri., Sep. 19SterlingPennsauken3:45 PM0-3
Fri., Sep. 19SouthernPennsauken Tech4:30 PM
Fri., Sep. 19ClearviewWashington Township3:45 PM0-3
Fri., Sep. 19EasternWilliamstown4:00 PM0-3
Sat., Sep. 20Cherry Hill EastJersey Classic TournamentTBA
Sat., Sep. 20EasternParamus Tournament9:00 AM
Sat., Sep. 20Hunterdon CentralWilliamstown TournamentTBA
Sat., Sep. 20MoorestownWilliamstown TournamentTBA
Sat., Sep. 20Our Lady of MercyWilliamstown TournamentTBA
Sat., Sep. 20SouthernWilliamstown TournamentTBA
Sat., Sep. 20SterlingWilliamstown TournamentTBA
Sat., Sep. 20Washington TownshipWilliamstown TournamentTBA
Sat., Sep. 20WilliamstownWilliamstown TournamentTBA
Mon., Sep. 22Woodrow WilsonCherry Hill West3:45 PM0-3
Mon., Sep. 22ClearviewGCIT4:00 PM
Mon., Sep. 22Peddie SchoolMoorestown4:00 PM0-3
Mon., Sep. 22Colts NeckSouthern4:00 PM
Mon., Sep. 22PleasantvilleWinslow Township3:45 PM0-3
Tue., Sep. 23PennsaukenCherry Hill East3:45 PM0-3
Tue., Sep. 23Woodrow WilsonPennsauken Tech3:45 PM0-3
Tue., Sep. 23Washington TownshipSouthern4:30 PM0-3
Tue., Sep. 23St. JosephSterling3:45 PM3-2
Tue., Sep. 23Gloucester Twp. TechWilliamstown4:00 PM0-3
Wed., Sep. 24Cherry Hill WestClearview3:45 PM3-0
Wed., Sep. 24Pt. Pleasant BeachPennsauken Tech4:15 PM2-3
Wed., Sep. 24Our Lady of MercyPleasantville4:00 PM3-1
Thu., Sep. 25Gloucester Twp. TechCherry Hill West3:45 PM0-3
Thu., Sep. 25Cherry Hill EastEastern3:45 PM3-2
Thu., Sep. 25Woodrow WilsonGCIT3:45 PM
Thu., Sep. 25SterlingMoorestown3:45 PM0-3
Thu., Sep. 25St. JosephPennsauken Tech3:45 PM1-3
Thu., Sep. 25PennsaukenSouthern4:30 PM0-3
Thu., Sep. 25CamdenWilliamstown3:30 PM0-3
Thu., Sep. 25CamdenWilliamstown5:00 PM0-3
Fri., Sep. 26Winslow TownshipCherry Hill West3:45 PM1-3
Fri., Sep. 26WilliamstownClearview4:00 PM3-0
Fri., Sep. 26Gloucester Twp. TechOur Lady of Mercy3:45 PM0-3
Fri., Sep. 26GCITPennsauken3:45 PM0-3
Fri., Sep. 26PleasantvillePennsauken Tech3:45 PM0-3
Fri., Sep. 26Rumson-Fair HavenSouthern4:00 PM
Mon., Sep. 29CamdenCherry Hill West3:45 PM0-3
Mon., Sep. 29CamdenCherry Hill West5:00 PM0-3
Mon., Sep. 29SterlingClearview4:00 PM2-3
Mon., Sep. 29SouthernEastern4:30 PM3-0
Mon., Sep. 29MoorestownPennsauken Tech3:45 PM3-2
Mon., Sep. 29Woodrow WilsonSt. Joseph3:45 PM0-3
Mon., Sep. 29PennsaukenWashington Township3:45 PM0-3
Mon., Sep. 29Cherry Hill EastWilliamstown3:45 PM3-2
Mon., Sep. 29GCITWinslow Township3:45 PM2-3
Tue., Sep. 30Winslow TownshipMoorestown3:45 PM0-3
Wed., Oct. 1Pennsauken TechCherry Hill East3:45 PM0-3
Wed., Oct. 1SouthernCherry Hill West3:45 PM3-0
Wed., Oct. 1MoorestownGloucester Twp. Tech3:45 PM3-0
Wed., Oct. 1SterlingOur Lady of Mercy3:45 PM1-3
Wed., Oct. 1CamdenWashington Township3:45 PM0-3
Wed., Oct. 1St. JosephWilliamstown3:45 PM0-3
Wed., Oct. 1PennsaukenWinslow Township3:45 PM3-1
Thu., Oct. 2EasternCherry Hill West3:45 PM3-0
Fri., Oct. 3Washington TownshipCherry Hill East3:45 PM0-3
Fri., Oct. 3Our Lady of MercyGCIT4:00 PM3-1
Fri., Oct. 3CamdenGloucester Twp. Tech3:45 PM0-3
Fri., Oct. 3CamdenGloucester Twp. Tech5:00 PM0-3
Fri., Oct. 3EasternPennsauken3:45 PM3-1
Fri., Oct. 3Cherry Hill WestPennsauken Tech3:45 PM3-2
Fri., Oct. 3ClearviewPleasantville4:00 PM
Fri., Oct. 3MoorestownSt. Joseph3:45 PM3-0
Fri., Oct. 3Woodrow WilsonSterling3:45 PM0-3
Fri., Oct. 3Winslow TownshipWilliamstown4:00 PM0-3
Sat., Oct. 4Hunterdon CentralEastern9:00 AM3-0
Sat., Oct. 4RamapoEastern9:00 AM1-3
Sat., Oct. 4Colts NeckMoorestown10:00 AM
Mon., Oct. 6Gloucester Twp. TechClearview3:45 PM2-3
Mon., Oct. 6GCITPleasantville3:45 PM3-0
Tue., Oct. 7SouthernCherry Hill East3:45 PM3-2
Tue., Oct. 7St. JosephGloucester Twp. Tech3:45 PM3-1
Tue., Oct. 7Pennsauken TechSterling3:45 PM3-0
Tue., Oct. 7EasternWashington Township3:45 PM3-0
Tue., Oct. 7Cherry Hill WestWilliamstown3:45 PM0-3
Tue., Oct. 7CamdenWinslow Township3:45 PM0-3
Tue., Oct. 7CamdenWinslow Township5:00 PM0-3
Tue., Oct. 7MoorestownWoodrow Wilson3:45 PM3-0
Wed., Oct. 8ClearviewCherry Hill West3:45 PM0-3
Wed., Oct. 8Winslow TownshipOur Lady of Mercy3:45 PM
Wed., Oct. 8CamdenPennsauken3:45 PM0-3
Wed., Oct. 8PleasantvilleSt. Joseph4:00 PM0-3
Thu., Oct. 9MoorestownCherry Hill East3:45 PM0-3
Thu., Oct. 9Woodrow WilsonEastern3:45 PM0-3
Thu., Oct. 9Pt. Pleasant BeachPleasantville4:15 PM3-0
Thu., Oct. 9Gloucester Twp. TechWashington Township3:45 PM0-3
Thu., Oct. 9Pennsauken TechWinslow Township3:45 PM3-1
Fri., Oct. 10Pennsauken TechClearview3:45 PM
Fri., Oct. 10WilliamstownEastern3:45 PM1-3
Fri., Oct. 10Winslow TownshipGCIT3:45 PM3-0
Fri., Oct. 10SouthernLong Branch4:30 PM
Fri., Oct. 10Woodrow WilsonPennsauken3:45 PM0-3
Fri., Oct. 10Our Lady of MercySt. Joseph4:00 PM3-0
Fri., Oct. 10SterlingWashington Township3:45 PM0-3
Sat., Oct. 11Hunterdon CentralCherry Hill East12:00 PM3-0
Sat., Oct. 11WilliamstownNorth Hunterdon10:00 AM3-0
Sat., Oct. 11North HunterdonSouthern10:00 AM
Sat., Oct. 11WilliamstownSouthern10:00 AM1-3
Mon., Oct. 13SouthernColts Neck4:00 PM
Mon., Oct. 13Cherry Hill WestMoorestown3:45 PM1-3
Tue., Oct. 14Our Lady of MercyEastern3:45 PM0-3
Tue., Oct. 14WilliamstownGloucester Twp. Tech4:00 PM
Tue., Oct. 14Cherry Hill EastPennsauken3:45 PM3-0
Tue., Oct. 14SterlingSt. Joseph3:45 PM
Tue., Oct. 14SouthernWashington Township4:30 PM3-1
Tue., Oct. 14Cherry Hill WestWinslow Township3:45 PM3-0
Wed., Oct. 15MoorestownClearview4:00 PM3-0
Wed., Oct. 15PleasantvilleOur Lady of Mercy4:00 PM0-3
Wed., Oct. 15Pennsauken TechPassaic Tech4:00 PM1-3
Wed., Oct. 15CamdenSterling3:45 PM0-3
Thu., Oct. 16CamdenCherry Hill East3:45 PM0-3
Thu., Oct. 16SouthernMoorestown3:45 PM3-1
Thu., Oct. 16PennsaukenSt. Joseph3:45 PM
Thu., Oct. 16WilliamstownSterling4:00 PM3-0
Thu., Oct. 16EasternWinslow Township3:45 PM3-0
Thu., Oct. 16Washington TownshipWoodrow Wilson3:30 PM
Fri., Oct. 17Cherry Hill WestCherry Hill East6:00 PM0-3
Fri., Oct. 17PennsaukenGCIT3:45 PM3-0
Fri., Oct. 17Pennsauken TechGloucester Twp. Tech3:45 PM2-3
Fri., Oct. 17WilliamstownWashington Township4:00 PM3-0
Fri., Oct. 17ClearviewWinslow Township3:45 PM0-3
Sat., Oct. 18EasternLivingston9:00 AM
Mon., Oct. 20EasternCherry Hill East3:45 PM2-3
Mon., Oct. 20GCITClearview4:00 PM0-3
Mon., Oct. 20Cherry Hill WestGloucester Twp. Tech3:45 PM3-0
Mon., Oct. 20SouthernPennsauken4:30 PM3-0
Mon., Oct. 20Pennsauken TechSt. Joseph3:45 PM3-0
Mon., Oct. 20MoorestownSterling3:45 PM3-0
Tue., Oct. 21Washington TownshipClearview3:45 PM3-0
Tue., Oct. 21Cherry Hill WestPennsauken3:45 PM3-1
Tue., Oct. 21Winslow TownshipPleasantville3:45 PM3-0
Tue., Oct. 21CamdenSt. Joseph3:45 PM0-3
Tue., Oct. 21CamdenSt. Joseph5:00 PM0-2
Wed., Oct. 22WilliamstownCherry Hill East3:45 PM3-2
Wed., Oct. 22St. JosephCherry Hill West3:45 PM0-3
Wed., Oct. 22Gloucester Twp. TechEastern3:45 PM0-3
Wed., Oct. 22CamdenMoorestown3:45 PM
Wed., Oct. 22Washington TownshipPennsauken Tech3:45 PM3-0
Wed., Oct. 22SterlingSouthern5:30 PM0-3
Wed., Oct. 22Woodrow WilsonWinslow Township3:45 PM0-3
Thu., Oct. 23PennsaukenClearview3:45 PM2-3
Thu., Oct. 23Our Lady of MercyGloucester Twp. Tech3:45 PM3-1
Thu., Oct. 23Cherry Hill WestHunterdon Central3:45 PM
Thu., Oct. 23Pt. Pleasant BeachPleasantville4:15 PM
Thu., Oct. 23CamdenSouthern4:30 PM0-3
Fri., Oct. 24Pennsauken TechMoorestown3:45 PM1-3
Fri., Oct. 24Washington TownshipPennsauken3:45 PM
Fri., Oct. 24Woodrow WilsonSt. Joseph3:45 PM0-3
Fri., Oct. 24SterlingWilliamstown4:00 PM
Fri., Oct. 24Gloucester Twp. TechWinslow Township3:45 PM1-3
Sat., Oct. 25EasternSouthern1:00 PM
Mon., Oct. 27MoorestownCherry Hill West3:45 PM3-0
Mon., Oct. 27GCITGloucester Twp. Tech4:00 PM0-3
Mon., Oct. 27PleasantvillePennsauken Tech3:45 PM0-3
Mon., Oct. 27SouthernPt. Pleasant Beach4:00 PM
Mon., Oct. 27Winslow TownshipWashington Township3:45 PM0-3
Mon., Oct. 27ClearviewWilliamstown4:00 PM0-3
Tue., Oct. 28PennsaukenEastern3:45 PM0-3
Tue., Oct. 28St. JosephMoorestown3:45 PM
Tue., Oct. 28Our Lady of MercyPennsauken Tech3:45 PM3-0
Tue., Oct. 28SouthernRumson-Fair Haven4:00 PM
Tue., Oct. 28Cherry Hill EastWashington Township3:45 PM
Tue., Oct. 28WilliamstownWinslow Township4:00 PM3-0
Wed., Oct. 29PleasantvilleClearview4:00 PM0-3
Wed., Oct. 29Cherry Hill WestEastern3:45 PM0-3
Wed., Oct. 29PennsaukenOur Lady of Mercy4:00 PM2-3
Thu., Oct. 30WilliamstownCherry Hill West3:45 PM3-0
Thu., Oct. 30Washington TownshipEastern3:45 PM0-3
Thu., Oct. 30Woodrow WilsonMoorestown3:45 PM0-3
Thu., Oct. 30Cherry Hill EastSouthern3:45 PM2-3
Thu., Oct. 30Gloucester Twp. TechSt. Joseph3:30 PM2-3
Thu., Oct. 30N. 13th Street TechPennsauken Tech2:00 PM1-3
Fri., Oct. 31ClearviewGloucester Twp. Tech3:45 PM0-3
Fri., Oct. 31SterlingPennsauken Tech3:45 PM0-3
Fri., Oct. 31Winslow TownshipPennsauken2:00 PM3-0
Sat., Nov. 1Cherry Hill EastEastern Tournament9:00 AM
Sat., Nov. 1Cherry Hill WestEastern Tournament9:00 AM
Sat., Nov. 1EasternEastern Tournament9:00 AM
Mon., Nov. 3Winslow TownshipPennsauken Tech3:45 PM0-3
Mon., Nov. 3PennsaukenPleasantville4:00 PM
Mon., Nov. 3ClearviewSterling4:00 PM
Mon., Nov. 3MoorestownWashington Township3:45 PM2-3
Tue., Nov. 4WilliamstownMoorestown3:45 PM
Tue., Nov. 4CamdenSouthern4:30 PM
Tue., Nov. 4Our Lady of MercySterling3:45 PM3-2
Tue., Nov. 4St. JosephPark Ridge2:00 PM0-3
Tue., Nov. 4Pennsauken TechCaldwell2:00 PM0-3
Tue., Nov. 4JP StevensCherry Hill East2:00 PM0-3
Tue., Nov. 4South BrunswickEastern2:00 PM0-3
Tue., Nov. 4Washington TownshipEmerson2:00 PM0-3
Tue., Nov. 4Cherry Hill WestMemorial WNY2:00 PM0-3
Tue., Nov. 4Winslow TownshipSouthern2:00 PM0-3
Wed., Nov. 5SouthernHunterdon Central4:00 PM
Wed., Nov. 5ClearviewOur Lady of Mercy4:00 PM
Wed., Nov. 5Our Lady of MercyWallington2:00 PM0-3
Wed., Nov. 5MoorestownNorth Hunterdon2:00 PM3-2
Thu., Nov. 6Cherry Hill EastBridgewater-Raritan11:00 AM
Thu., Nov. 6St. JosephSouthern4:30 PM
Thu., Nov. 6Cliffside ParkWilliamstown2:00 PM0-3
Fri., Nov. 7EmersonCherry Hill East2:00 PM1-3
Fri., Nov. 7EasternEastside Newark2:00 PM1-3
Fri., Nov. 7CliftonSouthern2:00 PM0-3
Mon., Nov. 10Cherry Hill EastMoorestown3:45 PM
Mon., Nov. 10Winslow TownshipSt. Joseph3:45 PM
Tue., Nov. 11MoorestownDemarest2:00 PM0-3
Tue., Nov. 11VoorheesWilliamstown2:00 PM0-3
Tue., Nov. 11Cherry Hill EastSouthern2:00 PM3-2

All schedules are subject to change without notice due to weather and other factors. Please contact the school's Athletic Director for official times and locations.

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